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Q. Are your sheaths and folding knives available in left-handed versions?

A. Yes, any sheath or folder can be made left-handed. There is no additional charge for this.

Q. On folders that feature double thumb studs, can I have a single stud instead?

A. Sure.

Q. On folders that feature a single thumb stud, can I have a double stud instead?

A. No… On folders with a single thumb stud, the blade sits lower in the handle than it
does on the double stud models. When the knife is closed, the stud rests in the lock relief cutout. There is no corresponding cutout on the other side of the
handle, nor can I put one in because that’s where the lock leaf is.

Q. Can I order the Worker model with a tapered tang?

A. Yes. Any full tang model can be made with a tapered tang if desired.

Q. On models available in Standard and Slimline versions, can I get a tapered tang but also a fully contoured handle?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you work with any non-stainless steels? Do you do your own heat-treating?
Are your blades cryogenically treated?

A. No, only with stainless. My heat treating is done by Peter's Heat Treating. All blades are cryo treated.

Q. Are your delivery times accurate?

A. Maybe... Please keep in mind that I am a part time maker with a more than full time job and many family commitments. I do my best to quote accurate delivery times, but sometimes I do get behind. Keep in mind that I do NOT take deposits or ANY money up front - I do not bill for the knife until it is within days of being finished. You will NEVER hear excuses from me about how I can't ship your knife right away even though you have paid for it.
If you must have a knife in time for Christmas, a birthday, or some special occasion, let me know - I will make a special effort to get your knife out on time, or I will tell you up front I cannot finish by then.

Q. What is your shipping policy?

A. I ship USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. I insure all knives for full value. This way, if a knife is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. neither one of us loses out. To figure shipping cost, I look up the actual shipping/insurance cost to your ZIP code on the USPS website and round up to the next 50 cents. The few cents I round up helps defray the cost of shipping boxes, labels, packing tape etc. - which unfortunately, are not free.

Q. The Post Office gives away Priority Mail boxes for free!

A. True, but none of them is the correct size and shape for shipping knives. I have brought this to their attention, but they just gave me a weird look...

Q. Do you take custom orders?

A. I can often customize one of my regular line items to your taste. Due to the volume of work and the fact that I am a part-time maker with limited shop time, I am unable
to accept true custom orders at this time.

Q. How are your knives sharpened?

A. I put the final edge on all my knives on by hand on a bench stone; either a fine India
stone or a soft Arkansas stone, depending on the particular steel and intended use.

Q. I bought some Damascus and ironwood on Ebay. Will you make a knife out of it?

A. No, sorry. I can only work with materials I procure myself.

Q. Are these real questions people have asked you, or did you make them up yourself?

A. I made them all up myself.

Q. Including that last one?

A. Yep.

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